Brew fresh coffee anywhere with the Cafflano Klassic

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This may look like a travel mug, but it’s a full coffee brewing station.  Unscrew the lid, and you’ll find a coffee grinder and a filter basket inside.  Put 20g of coffee beans in the grinder, crank the handle to grind the beans directly into the permanent filter basket, then slowly pour hot water through the ground coffee. In just a few minutes, you’ll have freshly brewed coffee in the thermal mug.

The Cafflano Klassic is 3.5″ in diameter, 7.6″ tall, and weighs 16.6 ounces when all packed up.  It’s available in your choice of black or red.  The first production run is sold out, but Cafflano is taking pre-orders for the second run.  Shipping is expected in May 2015.

8 thoughts on “Brew fresh coffee anywhere with the Cafflano Klassic”

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  2. Clever – but some of their images could be misleading about how it functions. For instance, they show it in various locations where you would normally put a travel mug such as in a car drink holder, but it would make no sense to put it in that spot (unless your bag is full) because you cannot drink out if it. The video shows you use the bottom to catch the pour-through, but while you could then drink from it as an open cup after removing the filter it does not appear to have a lid to prevent spills.

    1. They call the bottom portion a “mug”, but it doesn’t seem like that would very good for drinking from. The metal band at the top of the mug looks like it could cause some nasty burns to the lips. One of the videos shows that you can remove the “cap” from the bottom of the drip kettle and use it as a cover for the thermal mug to help hold in the heat of the brewed coffee. Seems like they could make a couple of design tweaks to turn that cap into a screw-on drink-through lid…

    1. With all the complexities and moving parts, I would be suspicious if the cost is $50. At $100, at least they have a chance of being engineered and manufactured well enough to not end up in a landfill in a year.

  3. Yes, it’s clever, but not a good in the car while you driving travel coffee mug as Betty pointed out.

    A better mug for that is one made by REI. It’s a french press designed for 2 cups. In the morning you would put enough coffee in the main compartment, fill it with hot water, then wait 15 minutes and then press it down like you would a french press. It makes great coffee like a french press. But that is not all: you have a small compartment at the bottom to store enough coffee ground for another cup. When you are done with your first cup, clean out the main compartment and put fresh ground from the bottom compartment into it and fill it with hot water and you get a 2nd hot cup of french press coffee.

    I got this REI cup as a gift for a friend and he loved it. The advantages are: 1) It makes great coffee the way a french press does, better than drip coffee in my opinion. 2) You get a larger cup of coffee and you can drink straight from it while driving. 3) You have large cups of coffee instead of 1 small one. 4) You can use your excellent burr grinder which most likely does a better job than the built-in grinder of the cup reviewed here.

      1. That is great that is is a burr grinder, and it makes sense because I can’t imagine it is any more costly to include a burr grinder rather than a blade grinder in there.

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