EasyAcc Classic Gen2 6400mAh external battery pack review

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easyacc-pb6400CS-01Not too long ago I was caught in a situation where I had to wait somewhere for several hours without access to a charger.  As I watched my iPhone drain down to nearly empty, I vowed to keep my eye open for one of those battery packs.  Today, I’ve got one to try out:  The EasyAcc Classic Gen2 6400 mAh External Battery Pack.



Packaging is very basic.  The PB6400CS comes with a short microUSB cable and instructions.


The back of the box.  It says it outputs at 2.1A max, which is better than some of the cheaper, less capable power packs out there that only supply 1A.  Some devices, such as the iPad, can take full advantage of the higher capacity.

According to EasyAcc, at 6400 mAh the battery can provide 2.6 charges for the iPhone 6, 1.8 charges for the Samsung S5, and 2 charges for the Nexus 5.


The pack measures just about 4 inches long.



Not quite the same listed weighs, but pretty darn close.  Under 5 ounces.


Here’s the pack in my hand.  Bigger than a pack of gum or a lighter.  It’s covered in that soft-touch paint that resists fingerprints.


In one corner, you’ll find a lanyard hole.  Lanyard not included of course.


This is the business end of the charger.  You’ll plug in your USB device here to charge.  Also included is a white LED light (double-click the square button to turn on and off).  It’s not super bright, but enough to navigate your way around a dark room.


The included microUSB cable connects on the side.  You don’t have to use the cable in the box.  Good thing.  It’s pretty short.


Feeding time!  There are four blue LEDs that surround the square button.  4 means a full charge.




The lower the charge, the fewer LEDs show, like the fuel gauge in a car.  I actually snapped these photos after letting the power back run down over time.


Yes, you can charge your iPad.  You’ll have to supply your own Apple Lightning cable, of course.


Here’s an iPod Touch being charged up.  That’s a USB tester to show how much voltage and current are being drawn.   Here, we see the iPod Touch is drawing 0.87 mA, or under 1A.


Torture test time!  Just how much can the power pack spit out?  Here I’ve got two devices connected at once (not recommended!)  That’s 2.26A being drawn, which exceeds the listed 2.1A on the label.  Note the voltage has dipped slightly below 5V.  I wouldn’t suggest using the battery pack in this way long term.

Something else I noticed:  The moment you plug something to charge up, it starts.  Some packs require you to press a button to begin.  I like that.  I wouldn’t like to plug into my battery pack and discover an hour later my phone had gone flat because I didn’t press a button.

The EasyAcc Classic Gen2 6400mAh external battery pack is compact and convenient for just most of your charging needs.  The LED light and instant charging (no need to power on) are nice, added touches.

Source: The sample for this review was provided by EasyAcc. Please visit http://www.EasyAcc.com for more info and Amazon to order..


Product Information

Price:$49.99 MSRP (currently $23.99 on Amazon)
  • AC charger
  • Compact
  • Light weight
  • Instant on
  • None

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