Neat freaks will love these snap on labels for your MacBook and Apple earbud cords

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If you’re obsessed with organization, tightly wound with tidiness and creeped out by clutter, Buoy Tags will make you a happy camper. What are they? Buoy Tags are plastic snap on labels designed for Apple products like the MacBook Magsafe power adapter, Apple earbud cables and USB charging cables. These neat little tags will let you put mark your cables with your initials so you’ll always grab your earbuds instead of your icky kid brother’s. They are also handy for adding your name and phone number in case of loss. Each $12 pack comes with a set of 3 Buoy Tags, 3 sets of letters and 3 sets of color inserts. Visit for more info. An less expensive alternative is the Dotz Cord ID Pro Cord and Cable Identification System. You get 12 of them for less than $8 from Amazon and they fit a variety of cord sizes.

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