Domo arigato for the charge, Mr. Robot Head


Do you remember the cute Danbo robot charger we featured last year?  It was an external battery pack that was made to look like the Danbo cartoon character; see the links at the bottom of this article to read about the charger.  Well, these Robot Head Charging Cables are the perfect complement for that charger.  These 39″ cables have your choice of either a microUSB or a Lightning connector; the USB end has Danbo’s face on the plug.  The eyes light up to show you when your device is plugged in (red) and when actively charging (green).  The woven cables prevent tangling, and they are suitable for both charging and syncing your device.  The Robot Head Charging Cables are $20.09 for either the Lightning or the microUSB cable at Firebox.  By the way, you can still pick up a Robot Head external battery while you’re shopping at Firebox, too.  Worldwide shipping is available.

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