Avast, ye Mateys! Ye’ll be needing an Eyepatch Case for your iPhone, ye landlubbers!


The Eyepatch Case has a switch on top that moves a cover into place over your iPhone’s camera lenses to protect the lenses from scratches and smudges, and the covers are said to protect you from snooping by hackers and other scurvy dogs, too!  The inside of the switch has a fiber lining that cleans the lens as it slides open and closed.  The front sensors are left open even when the front lens is covered, so your phone still functions normally.

The Eyepatch Case is available in black, white, or purple (grape) for the iPhone 5/5s for $19.95.  It’s also available for the iPhone 6 in black for $24,99; white and purple (burgundy) are $19.99.

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