You know what your bathroom has been missing? A urinal!

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If you’ve been missing having a urinal in your home, then you need to make a pledge to support the MainDrain Kickstarter project.  The MainDrain is a urinal that you can add to your existing toilet without any costly plumbing.  It’s designed to attach to the toilet bowl without causing any damage to the toilet; the toilet sit will lower over the attachment, and you can use it without having to remove the MainDrain first.  The MainDrain is adjustable to any height, for easy use by children to adults.  It’s made of hydrophobic materials, and it supposedly cleans easily just by spraying a cleaning liquid into it.

Should MainDrain meet the funding goals, a pledge of $45 will get you a MainDrain.  The funding period continues through Thursday, March 5, 2015 at 7:47am EST.

18 thoughts on “You know what your bathroom has been missing? A urinal!”

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  2. LOVELY for the women in the house who get that thing right next to their face when they sit. It’s a great idea but I think it needs to be further away from the bowl…

  3. Just what I want. It’s 3am and dark, I need to drop some kids off to the late night swimming hole. I sit down, I’m tired, it’s dark, I lean to the side as I yawn. My face hits something, What is this hovering at mouth level in the dark? It smells of asparagus and mildew and suddenly it dawns on me, ICK I jump up in disgust knocking over the personal hygiene products from the counter and onto the floor. Shocked and appalled I stumble to to the bathroom door slipping on a bottle of oldspice shaving cream, tossing my unclean and humiliated face and derrière into the air cracking my skull on the bathtub ledge. Now here I lay unconscious and perhaps dying my concerned SO rushes in to determine the cause for all the screams and pain emitted from the bathroom, another murderous hygiene bottle attacks raising the death-count to 2. Newspaper headline reads “Another maindrain death rampage in California today, 2 dead 14 rescue workers injured in process”

  4. OK, so we’ve got guys who think this is less than a great idea. I have two thoughts:

    First, I am smiling and giggling at the thought of how this would be presented and received by the sharks on Shark Tank.

    But seriously, the picture shows the seat up with this product installed. But if this product could allow a family to live with the seat down, much marital discord would be eliminated.

    1. A elder wise man once told us male youngins during a male/female relationships discussion:
      “If at all possible, have separate bathrooms and wash your own underwear.”

  5. About people objecting to the toilet seat being up, I have a thought. If I were a woman, I would prefer having the seat up so that when I am ready to use it, I can put it down and have a clean seat.

    Think about that!

    1. We put the top lid down. So both my husband and I have to do the effort of closing the lid. I’d rather accidentally sit on the flat top lid than fall in to the toilet when sleepy in the dark.

      1. I think I was thinking of a more public setting, like in an office. I used to work in one with a shared restroom. We had this complaints about the seat being up, then one day it occurred to me that perhaps the complainers were merely repeating what they have heard in the past and didn’t think about the matter for themselves. Given that it’s really hard to change other people habits, if I were a woman I would prefer the seat being up so that it’s clean when I sit down, rather than having a man use it while it’s down. It’s the better of the two evil. In the perfect world, the men would bring the sit up, use it, then put it down. But we don’t live in a perfect world.

  6. I suppose if you got bored you could always pretend you were the capitan of a Destroyer and talk to your engine room through it…

  7. Seriously?? The men I know, typically pick the seat up, use the facilities while standing, flush, then put the seat back down before washing their hands. Come to think of it, does that man in your house, wash his hands after shaking his pud? Ewww if he does not! I think this drain is a good idea for the man too lazy to be considerate enough to put the seat back down. For that matter, tip it off to the side far enough away that no one, and I do mean NO ONE has to EVER be concerned about getting a “face full” of the top of any sort of urinal type device. I mean, FOR REAL here???

    How many men would actually clean this? None I think. They would expect the woman of the house to do that for them, lazy as men are.

    Nope, not a good idea. Not at my house, that’s for sure.

    1. We don’t have any women in our house. Only men. 😀 So all cleaning gets done by the men. I think we do a very good job. Also I would not have the engine room speaking tube installed on my words with friends throne.

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