Knog [expose] smart sheds more light on the subject


Although the iPhone has a built-in flash, it’s often not bright enough to provide sufficient illumination in really low-light conditions.  Add a Knog [expose] smart light to your iPhone, and you’ll have 9 LEDs shining an extra 130 lumens on your subject.  The [expose] has a built-in lithium-polymer battery, so it doesn’t drain your iPhone’s battery.  It also pairs, via Bluetooth, with an app that controls its functions.  You can adjust the brightness, set video and photo modes, or select flash, strobe, or continuous settings.  The beam’s angle matches the iPhone’s camera angle, so you aren’t wasting light on the surrounding area.  Once you’ve taken your images and video, you can even use the app to share them via social media outlets.

You attach the [expose] smart light to the iPhone; it comes with some clips so you can even use it with cased phones.  It’s available in black or white for $59.95 US from Knog.  (The company is in Australia, but it ships internationally using “cost effective” shipping methods.  You can even get free shipping to the US with an order greater than $65.)

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