Vida lets you carry your own personal health coach in your pocket

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We all want to be healthy and fit, but it takes effort to get that way and to stay that way. Most of the time it might feel like it’s too much effort to even bother. That is unless you have help like a Vida health coach. Vida is an iOS app that lets you to choose a real live coach based on your health and fitness goals. Need someone who will be a cheerleader? Or maybe you respond better to a drill sergeant? You get to choose from several real coaches based on the types of goals you have in mind like diabetes management, weight loss, reducing stress, sugar detox, and much more. Your coach will create a personalized program just for you. You’ll be able to have 24/7 one on one access to them via video, voice and text. I know it sounds too good to be true, so I asked if they would let me try the service myself. They agreed and I signed up this afternoon and was immediately receiving in-app text messages with my chosen coach. She even called me on the phone to talk about my fitness goals. I asked if I was getting special treatment just because I’ll be reviewing the program and she said nope, that’s how the plan works for everyone. Trainers and coaches can be insanely expensive, costing $100-$300 per hour. But right now Vida is running special holiday pricing through the end of the year at – which provides up to 75% off of the regular price of $15 per week. Their best offer is a full year for $199.

Update 01/08/15

I tried Vida for a week and have to say that it really impressed me. It’s too bad the services doesn’t have a web app or Android app, but if you’re an iOS person who wants real one-on-one help to get healthier, Vida is going to do that for you. I only worked with one coach (Morgan) and she was great. She turned me on to Paleo eating which I’ve incorporated into my diet and helped me to stay accountable for what I was eating and my activities (exercise). I haven’t lost any weight yet, but it’s only been a week 😉

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