Stop wasting time untangling your earbuds with the StopKnot

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There are cord controllers on the market that are designed to stop your earbud cables from coiling into a knotted mess in your pocket or bag, but most of them require you to wind and wind the cables around the controller.  Who has time for that?  With the StopKnot from RadTech, you just slide it on to the earbud cable once, and it’s always ready to control knotting with one quick step.

To install the StopKnot, you just slide it up the cable until it grips both earbuds, then you slide the 3.5mm audio plug in beside the earbuds.  You can throw them in your pocket or bag, and the StopKnot stops knotting.  When you want to use the earbuds, slide the plug out, then slide the StopKnot down the cable.  You can even use it as a length adjuster so the cables don’t flop around while you’re exercising or working.  They’ll work with most any earbuds – iPhone , Samsung , Bose , Skull Candy, and most Android smartphone earbuds.

RadTech has a set of four StopKnots for $9.99 – enough for your whole family.

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