Bumpies smartphone corner protector review

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When it comes to a minimalistic approach to protecting your smartphone, Bumpies takes the cake.  These stick-on plastic bits promise all-around protection with as little bulk as possible.  How does it work?

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  • Exceeds Military Spec for Shock with ProDyn impact dissipating technology
  • Reliable Bond with advanced removable adhesive
  • Scratch Protection by elevating phone on flat surfaces
  • Total Access to the screen, all ports, and all buttons
  • Catch-Free Corners through contoured edges and ultra-low profiles
  • Easy Installation with innovative alignment sleeve
  • Bumpies Replacement Warranty

Apparently, Bumpies claim that their corner protectors meet military specifications for shock (MIL-STD-810G-Test Method 516.6), which calls for an object to drop from a height of 4 ft on each of its six faces, 12 edges, and eight corners onto two inches of plywood over concrete on a flat surface.

bumpies 02

The Bumpies resemble those little square gum things when in the package.

bumpies 03

USA made, and apparently, packaged by adults with disabilities.  I tried repackaging the Bumpies to see what it was like.  Let me tell you, it’s not quite as easy as it looks!  There must be some trick…

bumpies 04

bumpies 05

Bumpies gives you a little alcohol wipe to clean the corners of your smartphone.

bumpies 07

Extreme closeup of the Bumpies themselves.

bumpies 09

bumpies 08

Did I say minimal?  Also very lightweight.

bumpies 10

The instructions are cleverly printed in the packaging.

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bumpies 12

bumpies 13

bumpies 15

I wanted to slap on the Bumpies, but I followed directions.  First, wipe corners clean.

bumpies 16

Here, I’m sliding in my iPhone 5S into the included sleeve.  This reminds me of a McDonald’s Hot Apple Pie.

bumpies 17

Here I’ve peeled off the protective adhesive backing.

bumpies 19

Attach Bumpies to the corners, with help from the sleeve guide.

bumpies 18

Press firmly on the corners to make full contact.

bumpies 20

Open the sleeve to free your smartphone…

bumpies 21

Free at last with Bumpies!

bumpies 22

bumpies 24

bumpies 23

bumpies 25

The Bumpies fit quite well on my iPhone 5s.  The gray works well with the white iPhone.

bumpies 27

bumpies 26

bumpies 28

If you’re careful, you can even balance your smartphone on end.  It won’t stay like that for long, as it’s still pretty wobbly.

bumpies 29

How strong is the adhesive?  After letting the adhesive sit for a few hours, I tried to see if I could accidentally knock the Bumpies off.  Nope.  In fact, the adhesive is really, really strong.  I had to really dig with my fingertips to remove the Bumpies.  Here you can see the adhesive clinging on for dear life.  It just doesn’t want to let go.

Obviously if you’re the kind determined to keep your smartphone looking pristine, Bumpies may not be for you.  All but the corners are still exposed to the world.  However, those four corners will keep your device from most everyday hazards of scooting around a tabletop or a casual tumble on the floor.  I like how you can lay your phone face-down without the screen touching.

At $24 (single color as tested for iPhone 5s) Bumpies aren’t exactly cheap for the 0.02 ounces of plastic you get.  However, if you’re looking for the bare minimum, you’ve found it.

Source: The sample for this review was provided by Bumpies. Visit their site for more info.


Product Information

Price:$24 (for single color, iPhone 5/5s) Other devices and colors available.
  • Compatible smartphone (see website)
  • Minimal bulk, catch-free corners, access to ports, strong adhesive.
  • Only protects corners and not much else. Expensive for what little material you get.

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  2. Thank you Andy for your extensive review of the Bumpies Protectors experience and acknowledging people with disabilities (differently-abled) can do amazing things. The photos are great and we love that you even took the time to weigh them- that is awesome. One thing we wanted to highlight was that wrapped in the Bumpies Protectors pricing are years of engineering, testing, and a thoughtful unboxing experience. We attempted to make something extremely challenging look simple and unique- it looks like we succeeded 🙂 Thank you again for walking us all through the experience.

  3. Great product. I love the new movement of minimalist (or no) iPhone case.
    They are great looking on their own!
    I also like the RNGR “case”.

  4. I have had bumpies on my iphone 6s since I bought it and I have dropped it (hold my breath) but I have to say they have worked great. Not a scratch to the original face. Did (once) have to replace the glass, but the phone has been well protected. Really love them.

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