Swivl makes your smartphone or tablet follow you around like a puppy

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Swivl is a robotic accessory for your Android, iOS or DSLR that’s been designed to make lectures and presentations more dynamic. It’s actually a special base that holds your mobile device (phone, tablet or camera) that can pan 360 degrees or tilt 20 degrees as you walk around the room. A small handheld dongle links with the robotic base to track your location as long as you are within a 30 feet range. The dongle also doubles as a microphone to capture high quality audio. In addition to displaying your presentation slides as you talk, the Swivl can also be used to capture your presentations or other video. This product is being marketed to the education segment, but I can see it being very useful for anyone who likes to capture video of themselves moving around instead of remaining stationary. The device comes with a free stripped down subscription to the Swivl cloud service that allows up to 200 minutes of stored video, but offers unlimited slide storage for presentations. Pricing for the Swivl starts at $299 and goes up to $799 if you want opt for their 1 year cloud service. It’s also available for purchase through Amazon. Visit Swivl for more info.

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