Does your pet have an emergency preparedness kit?


If you live in areas prone to natural disasters, you probably have made some preparations for emergencies.  Do you have an survival kit for your pet?  Quake Kare sells survival kits for dogs and cats, filled with products you’ll need to keep your pet healthy and fed until things start to return to normal.  The kits come in either a blue bag for dogs or a red bag for cats.  Each bag contains pouches of food and drinkable water, water purification tablets, collar and leash, first aid kit, poop bags, emergency blankets and lightsticks, food and water bowls, and more, including a couple of toys to help keep your little friend entertained and calm until things return to normal.  There are even two decals to put on your doors to alert emergency responders to the presence of a pet inside.  The kits are available in Ultimate ($79.95) or Deluxe ($69.95) kits for cats or dogs, with the difference being just the number of items included.  Quake Kare sells survival kits, emergency kits, and emergency supplies for you and your family, too.  You can get every member of your family outfitted for survival at one stop.

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  • Eric September 2, 2014, 3:35 pm

    My pets are part of MY emergency preparedness kit.
    – Kitten a la king
    – Sweet and sour kitten
    – Kitten pot pie
    – Fried kitten
    – baked kitten
    – kitten stew

    There are hundreds of recipes for kitten. And the best part is that they all taste just like chicken.

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