Equalizer case for iPhone 5/5s

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Although the lights on the back of this iPhone 5/5s case look like an equalizer display, they don’t actually react to specific frequencies and the max levels are pre-set.  They will react to any music or ambient sound, and they look cool and add interest to what would normally be a plain, black cover over the back of your phone.  The lights in the Equalizer Case for iPhone 5 use their own battery, so they won’t drain the phone.  The case covers the back and sides and has tabs that roll over onto the front to keep the screen off the tabletop should you lay it facedown.  The polycarbonate case adds 1/4″ thickness and 1″ height and 1.8 ounces to your phone.  The little boom box apparently holds the two CR2032 batteries that power the lights (a test set is supplied with the case), and a power button on the top of the case turns off the lights when you aren’t ready to party.  The Equalizer Case For iPhone 5 is available from ThinkGeek for $14.99.


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