Leave your reminders and to-do lists on your door, so you’ll never forget them again!


When I need to remind myself to do something that’s not part of my normal routine, I leave a note on the front door.  I don’t like taping things to the freshly painted door, and tiny little sticky notes can be overlooked or fall off during the night.  I usually write my reminder or to-do list on a piece of printer paper, tear a hole in the paper, and slide the paper over the deadbolt button.  I can’t get out of the house without seeing it.  The Hook It Post-It Door Hangers are a neater, less wasteful way of leaving myself notes.  They have plenty of room to write on, then I can just hook them over the doorknob or even on the deadbolt button.  You can get a pad of the Hook It Post-It Door Hangers in pink, yellow, or blue for $10 from Fancy.

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2 thoughts on “Leave your reminders and to-do lists on your door, so you’ll never forget them again!”

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  2. Seeing this gave me an idea for a DIY version: You can buy the door hangers in craft foam. Attach a note pad or, better yet, a piece of dry-erase paper and have a nice eco-friendly reusable version.

    Or, for the lazy like me, buy these!

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