Feeling too lazy to hold your tablet? Let the LazePad hold it for you.


Have you ever fallen asleep with your tablet in your hands and woken up when the tablet falls out of your hands and smacks you on the nose?  I have, more than I care to admit.   With the LazePad case, you can sleep easy without fear of a bruised nose or a bloody lip from falling tablets.  Just pop your iPad or other tablet in the easel stand, and it can sit safely on your chest or mattress while you read in bed.  It also makes a nice hands-free stand for working at your desk.  The LazePad is made of an ultra-dense but soft rubber that protects your iPad by gripping the sides when you slide it in the channels.  (The information at the LazePad site mentions that it works for “tablets”, but then they specify that it’s designed for iPad 2/3/4.  I imagine those iPad models fit snuggly into the holding channels.)  The LazePad is suitable for adults and children, and its anti-static properties prevent static shocks from damaging the tablet, when even some younger users may not know how to protect against static.  The LazePad is available in black, blue, or pink for $54.99.

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  • Brad July 30, 2014, 8:30 am

    I could not find out what material it is made from but the price seems pretty steep. It is not portable. I bought a stand and cover all in one that does the same thing for 10 bucks.

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