WaterField Designs Franklin Tote review

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waterfield franklin tote 01

Here at the-gadgeteer, we are equal parts gadget and bag fans.  Some of the best bags come from WaterField Designs, makers of some of the niftiest tech totes around.  Today we look at their new Franklin Tote.

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The Franklin Tote is an open-top leather and nylon bag.  I got the green one.

  • One size: 14.5″ x 13″ x 4.75″, 2.2 lbs.
  • Trim colors: black, copper, pine, green, flame, pearl

waterfield franklin tote 03

Everything on this card is 100% true.  (Source:  I live here!)

waterfield franklin tote 04

There is one exterior pouch on the non-logo side.

waterfield franklin tote 05

A zippered pouch can be found inside the open-top side.  And look!  Both are lined in soft, black material.

waterfield franklin tote 07

The interior zippered pouch is large enough to hold a naked iPad Air in landscape mode.

waterfield franklin tote 06

The same naked iPad Air peeks out a bit in portrait mode if you try to slip it in the outside pouch.

waterfield franklin tote 08

Inside you’ll find a bright orange liner.  This tote is cavernous.  Note the ruler I placed on the bottom.

waterfield franklin tote 09

For reference, here’s my naked iPad Air resting inside with way too much room to spare.

waterfield franklin tote 10

Yup, made in San Francisco!

waterfield franklin tote 11

On one side of the interior you’ll find two open pockets.  On the right, the same iPad Air in portrait fits in nicely.

waterfield franklin tote 12

On the opposite side of the open pockets you’ll find a zippered pouch.  The tiny slot on the left fits a credit card or business cards.

waterfield franklin tote 13

Once again, the iPad Air fits inside.  There’s a tiny bit of wiggle room above the zipper line.

waterfield franklin tote 14

Here’s a nice touch: A key lanyard with a snap ring on the end.  I love these things.

waterfield franklin tote 15

The handles measure about 9 inches clearance at rest.  Not too long, not too short.  They are not adjustable.  Note the inclusion of a slightly grippy material under the tops of the handles.

waterfield franklin tote 16

Besides iPads, what can you hold?  This is a very large book:  Monty Python’s Flying Circus “All the words”.

waterfield franklin tote 17

This stripey Ikea pillow fits like a glove!

waterfield franklin tote 18

The tote also swallowed up two full size paper towel rolls with plenty of room to spare.

waterfield franklin tote 19

Here’s the tote on my mostly cooperative model (5 foot 4 inch).

The WaterField Designs Franklin Tote is a deliciously gorgeous bag with lots of neat pouch options in a package that doesn’t scream “tech”.  Make no mistake, you will get sticker shock, but this is the kind of bag you’re only going to buy once, unless you have a mostly cooperative bag model at home who’ll likely steal it from you for her own use.

Source: The sample for this review was provided by WaterField Designs. Please visit their site for more info.


Product Information

Manufacturer:WaterField Designs
  • Comes in black, copper, pine, green, flame, pearl
  • Gorgeous leather that looks better over time
  • Plenty of pockets, open and hidden alike
  • Price
  • Each bag made to order, so there may be a slight order delay

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