A jumbo name for a small product: the pocket-sized Elephant Steady iPhone video stabilizer

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Elephant Steady

I find as I am getting a little older, my hands just aren’t as steady as they use to be. Now for most things this is not an issue, but for shooting videos with my iPhone, this becomes a real problem. Elephant Steady, a Kickstarter project from ADPLUS Co., hopes to help the un-steady like me. Elephant Steady is an ultra small hand-held iPhone stabilizer for use when shooting video or pictures. Because it is designed to use the iPhones internal gyro sensor and an iOS app to compensate for movement, the Elephant Steady can be more compact than other similar devices on the market. The Elephant Steady features a compact design with a lithium-ion battery, a tilt control button, and a tripod mounting hole, and it is compatible with several models of the iPhone, even the iPhone 6. There are many pledge options for this project, with a pledge of $79 getting you an Elephant Steady. This project is seeking funding until August 14, 2014, and if successful, is slated to ship in the February 2015 time frame.

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