Here’s the perfect projection screen for the tiny, power-saving home theater projector

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If you are thinking about replacing your big, power- and space-hogging flat screen TV with a tiny projector like Chris Haynes did, you are probably considering what you can project the image on for the best picture.   You can just project it onto a white wall, but that doesn’t give you the best picture, and it means you’ll need to leave that wall space empty.  Buying a projection screen means you’ll either have to find a place to store it out of sight when you’re not using it, or you’ll end up with one permanently attached to your ceiling.  With the 120″ Spandex Projection Screen, you’ll have a piece of fabric that folds up to fit in a shoe box and attaches in seconds to hooks in the ceiling that are almost invisible on a white ceiling when not in use.  The screen is made in the USA of the “highest-quality Micro-Supplex material” that stretches out to remove wrinkles for a smoother viewing surface. It measures 9′ X 5′, fits 16:9 aspect ratio images, is 3D DLP compatible, has an approximate gain of 1.0, and is even suitable for backlit projection.  You’ll get two sets of hooks for use in two rooms, and there’s nothing to build – just screw in the hooks.  The 120″ Spandex Projection Screen is $84.99 at Amazon.

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