A minimal iPhone wallet for women

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There have been many minimal wallets and iPhone wallets featured on The Gadgeteer, but they are usually for men or unisex.  This iPhone wallet is for women who can’t count on their clothing having a handy pocket to hold the iPhone wallet.  The Libby from Bandolier is made of pebbled black leather;  it covers the sides and back of the iPhone, leaving openings for the back camera and other controls.  It has a 52″ leather and chain strap attached to the case so you can wear your phone cross-body.  The back of the case has two precision-cut slots to hold credit cards and a driver’s license.  It’s available for the iPhone 4/4s and the iPhone 5/5s, and with your choice of a gold or silver chain strap.  The Libby is $125 from Bandolier.

5 thoughts on “A minimal iPhone wallet for women”

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  2. Do the words “snatch theft” mean anything? Walking around flaunting an iPhone tethered to a thin (albeit strong) strap for all to see is just asking for trouble in many cities around the world.

  3. well it carries your id, money, credit cards and phone. I think if you wear it inside your jacket/coat it seems pretty handy, more like a handsfree little purse. I think its cute

  4. This product is a great idea, and I sought it out and bought one after seeing it on Blackish. But it didn’t work out so well. First there is no cover for the screen and then the metal part that lets the strap attach just fell off one day after only 5-6 months of use. So… for $100, it’s really disappointing. In fairness, they said they will send me a new case so we’ll see if that actually happens. Stay tuned…

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