Build your lunch on this LEGO block lunch box

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You can’t actually build with this giant LEGO, because the bottom lacks the indentations to join up the blocks, but you can use it as a very cool lunchbox.  The LEGO Lunchbox is shaped like a traditional 2X4 LEGO brick, but its top lifts off so you can store your lunch inside.  It measures 3.9″ X 7.8″ X 3″ deep (exterior) or 2.25″ deep (interior), so you can pack a sandwich, chips, and even some fruit in there.  It’s compact enough that you could fit it inside an insulated bag if your lunch needs to be keep cool.  If you don’t pack a lunch, you could use the box to store doodads on your desk – maybe even some standard LEGOs to play with when you need to let off a little steam before that next meeting.  The LEGO Lunchbox is available in red and blue, but you don’t get to choose the color.  It’s $14.99 from ThinkGeek.

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