This microUSB charging cable can work as a sync/charge cable or charge-only cable

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Yesterday, we told you about the Umbrella USB adapter that protected your mobile device from malware and data grabs when charging your device at public charging stations.  The Bench 2X Faster microUSB Charging Data Cable can perform that same function; you just slide a switch on the side of the cable to put the cable in charge-only mode.  Not only does this mode protect your device from unwanted data exchange, but it claims to charge your device much faster than a standard charge/sync cable can –  up to 2000 mAh.  They say that some of the power coming through the cable is devoted to the sync functions, which is why charging is slowed.  By switching off the sync functions, your device will charge much faster when plugged into your computer or your car’s USB charging port.  The Bench 2X Faster microUSB Charging Data Cable is $14.99 at Pyramid Distribution.

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