Your electromagnetic personality may not show through, but your iPhone’s can with the Lunecase

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We all have them, cases for our phones. They come in plastic, metal, with batteries, with lights, some are thin and some are fat. So what’s the next technology in cell phone cases? The folks at Concepter think it is the Lunecase, which is a Kickstarter product seeking funding right now. Designed to use the electromagnetic energy emitted from your iPhone, the Lunecase has LEDs embedded into the case that will light up and notify you of incoming calls or SMS messages by lighting up a phone symbol or text symbol on the back of the case. The Lunecase does all of this without any batteries, as I stated above, it uses the electromagnetic energy generated and given off by your phone. The bad news right now is that the Lunecase is only seeking funding for the iPhone 5, 5s and 5c and only GSM models. There are many pledge points for the Lunecase with a $29 pledge getting you a Lunecase for your iPhone 5, 5c or 5s. The Lunecase project is seeking funding through June 5, 2014 and if successful expects to deliver the case in the August 2014 time frame.

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