This backup battery will let you use a USB keyboard with your tablet


The EneBRICK from Cerevo packs a lot of function into a 4.9″ X 2.5″ X 0.9″ package.  It has a 6000mAh internal battery, and it has two USB ports for charging your mobile devices.  It also pulls open to expose a stand for your smart phone or tablet; it comes with adjusters that allow it to hold a variety of phones and tablets at a 70-degree angle for comfortable viewing.  Those two functions don’t seem so surprising, do they?  Well, the EneBRICK also has a built-in Bluetooth transmitter that allows you to plug in your favorite USB keyboard to turn it into a Bluetooth keyboard.  You don’t have to spend extra money for a Bluetooth keyboard, and you don’t have to settle for those tablet-specific keyboards that have the cramped, undersized key layouts.  Cerevo says the EneBRICK is coming soon.  Unfortunately, there’s no price information available yet.

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