Keep your grocery list organized with the Hiku Scanner and your iPhone

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The Hiku Scanner is a small handheld scanner that recognizes both barcodes and your voice. With a real 1D linear imager like the ones used at grocery store checkouts, the Hiku Scanner instantly adds items to your shopping list without any need for writing or typing. When you finish that last box of Rice Crispies, just press the button on the Hiku and scan the barcode. It  will then be added via WiFi to the shopping list app on your iOS device. If Hiku doesn’t recognize your item from its database of grocery products it will notify you with a couple of beeps and let you speak the name of the item that you want associated with that code. Hiku’s cloud service will then transcribe your note and add it to the grocery list. Your list can be shared with your family or anyone else. When you add or cross off an item, your list is updated everywhere.

The Hiku Scanner has a soft silicone case with a built in magnet so you can leave it attached to your fridge so it will always be handy. It uses an ultra-low power standby mode that enables up to two months battery life with normal use. The internal battery is rechargeable via the built in micro-USB port.

The Hiku is priced at $79.00 and is on back order until April. For more info visit

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