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DragonThorn PCS

In this installment of my-go-to-gear, we look at wallets. Oh the art of carrying things in our pockets. Wallets have become an art form these days, have they not? I remember when there was just simple bi-fold or tri-fold wallets made out of leather in either black or brown. My how times have changed, not only in styles but in materials. My current wallet is actually classified as a PCS (Pocket Carry System) and it is made by Dragonthorn Leatherworks. To be honest, I wasn’t sure I would even like the PCS as I have always been a back pocket wallet man. But having been fortunate enough to win a custom designed PCS, I decided to give it a whirl. My PCS is designed to hold an ink pen, pen knife and some cards. It also has a spring clip on the back to hold paper money or can be used to clip it to the inside of your pocket or on a belt. I will admit that when I first got it and used it, I did not like it as much as I thought I would. I actually stopped using it for a time. But I went back to my PCS to give it another try and have been using it ever since. Made out of leather, my PCS should last me a life time. So, now it’s your turn, what’s your go to wallet?

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  2. i have many wallets/card holders… but I choose to EDC 2 smaller ones (vs 1 huge one):

    1- Bladeart “mission wallet”: holds my pocketknife, fisher space pen in the outer pockets; folded bills and drivers licence and insurance ID in the zippered compartment

    2- Flipside Strata: holds all my credit cards and bank card; business cards in outer clip

  3. My main wallet I picked up in Turkey over a decade ago, and I’m still looking for a really good replacement for when it wears out. The closest I’ve found is the Bomber Jacket Flip ID from Levenger: http://levenger.com/Cases-15/Mens-Wallets-529/Bomber-Jacket-Flip-ID-Wallet-Core-7145.aspx But it is thicker than my full current wallet when empty. (Thicker leather.) I’m currently carrying it around on occasion in my other back pocket, empty, in hopes that it will wear down thinner.

    I also carry a Levenger Slim Wallet Writer with pen: http://levenger.com/Wallets-1260/Men-s-Wallets-401/Slim-Wallet-Writer-with-Pen-5658.aspx in an effort to replace my old Palm. It works ok, and carries my business cards.

    I can’t recall where I bought my keypouch – which replaced the one I’d gotten on the same trip to Turkey where I’d gotten my wallet. I carry a couple of other items loose in my pocket (Gerber Dime, chapstick, flashlight, etc), but haven’t found a need to organize them beyond that.

  4. Jerry Steve Dave the Magic Man

    I also have a PCS that Dave at Dragonthorn designed and built for me and I can’t imagine going back to a regular wallet. I carry a lighter, pen knife, space pen, flashlight and cards all in one beautiful leather contraption and it takes up only slightly more room than my old Saddleback small wallet. I can’t say enough how awesome Dave is to deal with. The design process is all about what you want and he is very receptive to alterations and ideas.

  5. I’m a huge fan and daily user of the Front Pocket Wallet by Colonel Littleton, of Lynnville, Tennessee. Fine quality leather, enough space for the cards you need to keep with you, plus an ample pocket for cash on those rare occasions when I actually HAVE cash!

    Thin profile in the front pocket of my trousers. And my back is much happier that I no longer sit with one hip elevated higher than the other!

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