Keyport Slide 2.0 Starter Bundle at special sale pricing

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If you’re intrigued with Julie’s and Jackie Cheng’s reviews of the Keyport Slide keychain replacement, you should check out the special pricing that ThinkGeek is offering on their Keyport Slide 2.0 Starter Bundle.  In Julie’s review of the Slide 2.0, I saw that the case alone is $29, and you’ll pay separately for each key blade or insert.  With ThinkGeek’s bundle, you’ll get your choice of either a black or ice case and choice of 8GB or 32GB flash drive insert.  You’ll also get a mini flashlight, a bottle opener insert, and a gift code for three non-transponder key blades that you’ll have duplicated at your local hardware store.  (Transponder equipped blades are available, but they are extra cost.)  If you don’t need three key blades, you can select equal-cost items with your gift code.  Normally, these Keyports are $80-100 at ThinkGeek, but they are offering them at $55.30 for the black or ice case with an 8GB USB flash drive or $69.30 for the 32GB models for a limited time.

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  2. I ordered two, one for me and one for my husband. I actually ended up ordering from Keyport, though. I didn’t want the bottle opener and didn’t need the USB drive, so I got the little flashlight, one bar code holder, and four key blanks for about $12 each more than ThinkGeek’s sale price.

  3. Our new Keyport Sliders 2.0 came today. We got the keys cut, and they all work except for the mailbox keys. Butch even took those back and had them checked and polished to be sure they were cut right. They look perfect, but those two mailbox keys (one for me, one for Butch) just don’t work.

    Despite the key problem, I really like the Keyport. It’s light, and it’s quieter than the keys it replaced. I added a small keyring to it to hold my car key (didn’t want to give up my remote) and the security key to get into the building. It looks great and works great so far. I like it.

  4. Since I didn’t use an authorized locksmith or dealer – because there AREN’T any in Greensboro – Keyport will give me a 50% discount on new key blanks, but I have to return the mis-cut keys to them. It’s easier to just re-order, since I need to replace the keys we had made for the Mazda anyway. I didn’t realize the key I had for the car (it’s Butch’s car) is a valet key, meaning it won’t unlock the trunk or the glove compartment.

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