Go-to gear discussion: pens, pencils, and styli

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Rotrin Quattro

Next in the list of my go-to gear are writing implements.  I think I mentioned in a previous review, that I believe writing by hand has become a lost art form. That does not mean it will go away, but now days we are just as likely to see stylus-to-tablet as we are to see pen-to-paper. So in that mindset I ask what is your favorite writing tool? Mine is a Rotring Quattro-Pen Data. If I remember correctly this pen came to my attention via this review on The Gadgeteer.  I was looking for a pen/stylus combo for my Sony Clié when I saw it in a post by Julie. I must have had this pen for over 10 years now, and it still works great. The Rotring Quattro has a black ink pen, orange highlighter ink pen, a mechanical pencil, and a non-capacitive stylus. This pen/pencil/stylus has been my work horse for a long time, and with its quality build, it should be in my service for many more years. So now it’s your turn. Tells us about your favorite writing instrument.

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  2. Larry, have you seen the price of these on eBay? OMG… $249.00 for the Black and $2100.00 for the Graphite! I bought mine I guess when they first came out. Still carry it today and has some wear but still looks and operates like a Rotring. I actually still have my original set of Rapidographs. Good stuff. I use the original Rotring case to carry refills and such in my bag. Other than that I like my Mont Blancs but the every day carry in my PCS is my Chrome Space Pen. For disposable pens its the Pilot G3 Bold and pencil (even thought you didnt ask) remains the good ole Pentel P225 .5mm. I’ve got every stylus known to man but am awaiting the new Dell stylus for my Venue 8 Pro.

  3. For disposable pens, my favorite is this one;

    Zebra Pen GR8 Roller – Rollerball Pen
    Rollerball Pen,Nonrefillable,0.5mm,Black Ink/Silver Barrel

    They still make the 0.7mm, but I am hoping one day they re-issue the 0.5mm.

    The girth is excellent, very comfortable.

    The rubber grip is excellent, not too soft, and not too sticky-grippy.

    The tip is not quite a needle-nose, but easy to see.

    and the ink flows very well.

  4. Wow, I should sell them. I have about five of these, three of which have never been used. I think I’ve had them for nearly two decades now. The primary use one that I have I’ve never even replace the ink in the pen. I have replaced the pencil, but nothing else. You gotta lot german engineering.

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