The new LYNKtec TruGlide Apex stylus is fine – literally

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After suffering through years of wide tipped capacitive styluses, we’re finally starting tonsee styluses with fine tips. Last week I posted a review of the Adonit Jot Script stylus. It was the first iOS stylus that I’ve tested with a tip comparable in size to a to a ballpoint pen. The Adonit is a nice stylus, but it has a major flaw – it’s only compatible with newer iOS devices. That means Android users like me are left out in the cold. The day after I posted that review, the people at LYNKtec emailed me to ask if I might like to review their fine tipped stylus too. I thought sure, what the heck. Then when I found out their TruGlide Apex stylus is also compatible with some Android devices, I was even more interested in trying one. The TruGlide Apex is an active stylus that features a 2.3mm fine point tip and is powered by a AAAA replaceable battery. This stylus is available in Brushed Silver and Obsidian Black colors and is priced at $59.95. It’s currently on pre-order with shipping sometime later this month.

12 thoughts on “The new LYNKtec TruGlide Apex stylus is fine – literally”

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  2. Hey Julie, good to see a few more Active Stylus showing up on the market. I note that the LYNCtec Stylus may be compatible with “some” Android devices. I wonder if its compatible with any of the windows 8.1 tablets on the market? My interest lays with the Dell Venue 8 Pro. Dave

  3. @Dave – OMG! I wish Dell made a better stylus for the DVP8. That Synaptics Stylus just suck! Drains the AAAA so fast and the tracking is just horrible.

    @Julie – Just curious, does the Jot Script work as a “basic stylus” on capacitive screens?

  4. @Julie – I think you mistaken my question. Let me rephrase….Does the Jot Script stylus tip work on non-iOS devices (standard capacitive screens)? I just like the small tip of the stylus.

  5. Hey Julie,

    does the pen work with the Samsung galaxy Tab 3 10.1? It would be good to know, cause I need a pen with a fine point tip like the apes has. Thanks…

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