Tired of typos on your iPhone? Maybe the Typo keyboard case can help you.


Because he was tired of the inefficient on-screen keyboard on his iPhone, Ryan Seacrest (yep, the guy on TV) joined with Laurence Hallier to develop the Typo iPhone Keyboard Case.  The Bluetooth keyboard sits at the bottom of your iPhone and, according to early users, can increase your typing speed and reduce the number of mistakes.  It also frees up about 40% of your iPhone’s screen that’s normally covered by the on-screen keyboard.  The keyboard is backlit for typing in all lighting conditions, and it has “quick access to all your most necessary currency keys.”  It also has “custom TYPO Smart Auto-Correct” functions to reduce the number of typos you make.  The Typo is available for the iPhone 5/5S in black only, and it will ship sometime this month.  You can pre-order now for $99.00.  (You’d better hurry if you want one of these.  I’ve been reading that Blackberry is suing this company for copyright infringement of their keyboard design.)

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