nimblstand tablet + Apple Wireless Keyboard stand review


There are all sorts of cases with built-in keyboards for iPads and Android tablets. But the problem with 99% of them is that they aren’t designed to allow you to use the tablet + keyboard on your lap like you can with a laptop computer. Another problem is that most of the keyboards used with these cases have non-standard and cramped key layout that makes touch typing more difficult than it needs to be. Enter the  nimblstand. This is a light weight, easy to use stand that pairs an Apple Wireless Keyboard with almost any tablet, phablet or smartphone on the market. This is a great product and I love it. Let me show you why.

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The nimblstand is a light weight plastic holder that has been designed specifically to hold an Apple Wireless Keyboard. If you don’t have an Apple Wireless Keyboard, you can still use the nimblstand, but it won’t turn your tablet into a pseudo laptop.

This holder is made up of two parts that convert from a larger stand into a more compact stand. More about that later…


You can buy the nimblstand with or without a Wacom Bamboo stylus. The stand has a special slot to hold the stylus for travel and another slot while it’s being used.


This is a side view of the nimblstand showing the various slots. The design is simple but effective.


Grab an Apple Wireless Keyboard and slide the back part that holds the batteries into the nimblstand slot.


It takes a little effort to slide the keyboard in place, but don’t worry, you won’t break a sweat.


Your tablet can then rest in the slot behind the keyboard. Here I’m using a Nexus 7 2013, but the nimblstand should hold almost any tablet, phablet or smartphone you can find. I tried it with the Nexus, iPad 3rd gen and an iPad mini.


The tablet can be used in landscape or portrait orientation like you see here. There’s even a half circle cutout in the center of the slot that you can line up the iPad’s home button for easy access.


It is even possible to use your tablet in a case with the nimblstand – although it obviously depends on the thickness of the case…


As mentioned earlier, the nimblstand can be converted into a more compact stand by sliding off the back section…


and sliding it under the keyboard as shown above. This is the way I use the nimblstand because it takes up less lap and desk area.


My favorite way to use the nimblstand is on my lap. It’s very sturdy and you don’t need to worry about balance or the tablet falling out of the stand.


Another way to use the nimblstand is to flip it around and place the tablet in the slot like you see above. This gets the keyboard out of the way and allows easier access to the display if you’re using a stylus or your fingers.

I’ve been looking for a product like the nimblstand for years. It allows me to turn a full sized comfortable keyboard like the Apple Wireless keyboard and my favorite tablet into a “laptop” that can be easily used on my lap while sitting on the couch, as a passenger in a car, at an airport, etc.

Easy to use, decent price, get one.


Product Information

Price:$39.99, $56.99 with Wacom Bamboo stylus
  • Apple Wireless Keyboard
  • Easy to use
  • Turns an Apple Wireless Keyboard and tablet into a laptop
  • Light weight
  • Compact
  • None

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  2. Gladly. However three days into placing my order, I haven’t received a single bit of feedback about it – no confirmation, no order #, let alone any hint of the product being shipped. Quite unusual, compared to other startup experiences I had. I’ll give them a week before canceling the transaction.

  3. They were not listed on the CES participants web page. But as of today the transaction is disputed with PayPal – I had no luck contacting them (e-mail and FB). It’s been exactly a week since I placed the order. I don’t want to be prejudiced but I have an “I’mWatch” feeling about it. Let’s see what happens next, I’ll come back with updates if and when.

  4. Hi @andix,

    I’m Gustavo Fontana, co-founder or nimblstand. It came to our attention today that you have not heard from us after placing your order. We are very sorry for such miss-communication.

    We send automatic updates of processing and shipping to each customer. So we apologize if a spam filter or some other blocking mechanism made our messages not reach you.

    I just sent you an email update of your order status (its on the way to you) but if you are not receiving our emails maybe you have not gotten my update with tracking information.

    If that’s the case please reach me at my cell phone +1.617.233.5844 and I will give you the tracking information the analog way.



  5. All seems to be good – I wanted to update the comments but you guys got here before me. For some odd reason I never received the tracking # message, so now it’s the ‘hurry up and wait’ until the stand gets delivered.

    Thanks Julie and Gustavo. Looking forward to receive the stand.

  6. Here’s the last update on the nimblstand.

    It arrived yesterday in an impressive yet diminutive, 100% recyclable package. I started using it right away, and I’m quite pleased with the overall feeling and comfort it provides. It did, indeed, fill a niche while not destroying the functionality of either parts it’s meant to join together (the keyboard and the iPad.) It feels surprisingly light, and I don’t want to test its breaking point but being the father of a student I don’t see it surviving in a backpack full of heavy course books tossed around carelessly by a teenager. It’s however VERY good for people who take minimal care of their possessions.

    Two remarks – none of them a deal breaker:
    The edges of each profile could benefit from a better finishing. I know this would add to the cost and I don’t mind doing it myself, but mine came with a little burr from the cutting.
    The hole for the light on the keyboard isn’t aligned with the light.

    Other than that, I’m a happy camper. Very happy.

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