Turn your iPhone or iPod touch into an instant camera

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With the Instant Lab from Impossible, you’ll print photos in seconds.  This microprocessor-controlled film processing unit has a four-element coated glass, wide-angle 35.6mm lens.  It’s compatible with the iPhone 4/4S/5/5S and iPod touch 4th/5th-gen models, and there’s a free iOS app for photo exposure.  You simply select an image then lay the Apple device on the top of the Instant Lab.  In just seconds, the Instant Lab spits out a photo using Impossible’s color or black-and-white “instant film” (sold separately).  The lab comes with an AC adapter, and it has a built-in rechargeable battery.  You can collapse the lab down and carry it with you for instant fun at parties or gatherings.  It’s $299 at Impossible.

2 thoughts on “Turn your iPhone or iPod touch into an instant camera”

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  2. Ouchy $300 for the “Printer” and $2.94 for each “Print” What happens if you get an alert or popup during the “Print”

    Quick google search found a much smaller, pocket printer from LG for $124 and about $0.75 a print. Maybe say a buck to cover ink.

    I don’t understand about the “pixel-less” printing, that’s all the rave. Yes I understand that it is a “Unique” printing process, but ultimately you are limited to the visual sharpness of a screen that is still made of pixels. I understand the lure of staying away from digital in photography to get a “better” image. But to me this seams kind of like taking a $6000 large format camera, and taking pictures of my computer screen to get analog copies of pictures I took with my phone.

    I just don’t get it, Novelty maybe. Expensive novelty.

  3. The sheer ridiculousness of this product astounds me. Its a customized polaroid camera, that takes a picture of your smartphone’s screen and spits out a copy.

    We humans, in our “wisdom”, got rid of things like Polaroid cameras, because, you know, they were too hard to carry around and take pictures with. So now, you can pay 300 bucks to get a camera to take pictures of your camera.

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