Pad & Quill goes his and hers with new Intrepid travel bags

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If you’re an iPad or iPhone fan, you will probably recognize the name Pad & Quill. They make unique leather and wood cases that look like books. They are branching out and have started a new travel bag company called Interpid. Their first 2 his and hers travel bags are looking for funding on Kickstarter. The bags are designed by a couple from San Francisco and feature bags made of the best materials and leather that even includes UV resistant stitching found in parachutes. The reason why their project caught my eye is the “hers” lillium bag which can be worn on the hip or the shoulder. With our recent discussions on hip bags (see related links below), it looked like a worthy addition. And to me, that hip bag doesn’t look feminine – so guys can pledge for it too. The journeyman “his” bag requires a pledge of $297, while the hers bag can be reserved for $109.

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3 thoughts on “Pad & Quill goes his and hers with new Intrepid travel bags”

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  2. Those look amazing! This hip bag looks a lot better than the (inappropriately named) Happy Cow bags. I want the His-n-Hers package for my hubby!

  3. Maybe it is the lack of caffeine, but i found myself wondering if the choice of bag depends on the kind of bodily traits one wants to emphasize.

  4. I love a new bag as much as anyone, although I think $300 for one is out of the question for most working folks. I’m also curious as to why an established company is using a crowd-funded site to manufacture something like this, when their existing products are so expensive I feel reasonably sure they could finance it themselves.

    As you said when reviewing the Spira shoes not so long ago, “that Spira is an established company, but they are using the crowdfunding site Rockethub to raise money for this new collection doubly irks me.”

    I love quality, and appreciate buying from someone who makes things themselves, but there is a point of diminishing return when it cots you as much as groceries.

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