The modern solution for bike storage

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If you have a garage, storing your bicycle isn’t really a problem.  You can just park it inside or you can hang it on the wall on hooks or hangers.  Those wall hangers don’t look very attractive, but it doesn’t matter if they are in the garage.  What if you live in an apartment and need to store your bike out of the way when you aren’t using it?  You can still use those wall hooks or hangers, but they don’t add to your decor.  The Cycloc Modern Wall Bike Rack holds fits over the frame of a bike to hold it horizontally or vertically on your wall.  It’s made of MDPE plastic and will accommodate a variety of frame sizes.  When your bike is in use, the Cycloc looks like a modern wall decoration, so your room doesn’t look like a garage.  The Cycloc is available directly from their London location, or you can check their distributors page for local retailers.  If you order from Cycloc, you can choose from Popsicle (red/orange), Icicle (white), Verticle (green), or Recycle (black, made of 100% recycled materials).  The price is £59.95 (about $94 US) directly from Cycloc.

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  2. No, I’d never store a bike over the sofa like that, but I couldn’t if I wanted to. I’m only 5′ tall, so I couldn’t reach that high! 😉

  3. Evidently the dirt and weight comments are not from regular riders. Todays bikes are light and great looking, and anyone who rides regularly with limited storage space would love this. Bikes are not much heavier than most tvs mounted on the wall including the mount. This mount is super light. I’m sure the mounting hardware is extremely secure. dirt is a problem with kids bikes, not professionals. A bike enthusiast cleans and maintains his ride, and these bikes are gorgeous to look at. I have a gravity rack that carries both of my high dollar machines. I would not hesitate to buy this if I lived in a non basement/garage/storage residence. P.S. keep the dirty rides locked outside people!

  4. Tires will leave marks on walls regardless of how “clean” the bike may be.

    That said, it is a good idea if you keep your bike clean and have a way to lock the front wheel so it doesn’t “turn” and rub the wall. And over the sofa is terrible. One misstep while placing on the rack and you’ve got tire marks or a tear in your sofa. But if you have a “small” space, it might be your only option.

    I had a friend do something like this in his studio apt. It was very small, but had a LONG hallway — he rigged up a rack on his hallway wall.

  5. Well, it is a silly placement for a rack unless your space is so tight that behind the couch is the only space left.

    Silly because it’s easy to lose balance and crash the bike agains the wall when you step onto the sofa to hang your bike. The other reason is that you will inevitably get grimes on your wall and your sofa unless you are extremely fastidious with bike cleaning.

    I know because I ride a pretty nice Lightspeed titanium bike. It’s pretty light, and I keep it fairly clean. But it’s a tool, not a fashion statement and while I keep it in excellent working condition, I don’t clean all the dirt and grime off it after every ride. Life is too short for that.

    The rack on display is pretty nice and reasonably priced considering most high end bike accessories are pretty pricey.

  6. And by the way, if the handlebar is close enough to the wall (and it should be to save space), the front wheel can’t turn and rub the wall.

  7. meistervu, it is evident that you aren’t a sportsperson at all.
    1) the location was for advertisement purposes only, you place it wherever in the stinking world you desire, lower, higher, another room, another house, on a wall on Mars, even in garage, attic. the product is what is being displayed. have a brain.
    2) Of course you need to steady the bike so that it doesn’t mar your precious wall. Tiny bungees will keep your wheel straight and your evidently pristine wall blemish free. Heaven forbid a piece of dust mar your life.
    For the rest of the world outside of Blemishland phobics, to me, it would give a person a nice easy to get to parking spot, inside away from the thieves and my ride will wait there for me.
    Have a great spot free life meistervu and lighten up!

  8. @Dano: perhaps you should reread my post. If you are still happy with your response then I have nothing else to say. Perhaps you got me mixed up with another commenter?

    #1 Yes, I got that. That’s why I call it “silly.” But I also allow for the possibility that a person may be very tight with space that above the couch is a good option. Heck, I myself think that many bikes are work of art, and I would prefer them on the wall than many pieces I have seen. I also understand the needs for advertiser to provoke responses. If the bike was hung on a typical space in the mud room, we wouldn’t be having this conversation.

    #2 I know that, as evidence in my response, saying that the handlebar will keep the wheel from the wall. The bungee cord you suggested is not necessary. What you do to hoist the bike up if you are a biker like me is to hold it by the down tube and the fork, so the front wheel don’t turn.

    There was a time in my life where my bikes cost many times more than my car. My close friend commented that my car existed to transport my bike.

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