WaterField Design Indy bag review

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If you’ve been looking for a small shoulder bag which is roomy enough to carry your iPad or Android tablet along with a few other essentials, the WaterField Design Indy bag should tick all the necessary check boxes on most people’s shopping lists.

✔ Looks great
✔ Well made
✔ Not bulky
✔ Comfortable
✔ Room for accessories

WaterField offers the Indy bag in a size for the regular iPad and a Mini Indy that can hold smaller tablets such as the iPad mini and Nexus 7. Want to learn more about the Indy? Then please keep reading…

Note: Images can be clicked to view a larger size.


I was sent the Mini Indy bag which is sized to hold an iPad Mini or comparably sized tablet. The Indy isn’t meant to be a carry-everything-you-need-for-the-whole-day kind of bag. It isn’t skimpy, but I think it performs best when you stick to just the necessities like you see above.

The Indy is made of gorgeous soft distressed leather that will only look better with age and wear. It has a zippered tote bag type of design, which means it doesn’t have a flap.

There are a few customization options: the main bag can be made of grizzly brown leather or black leather, there are 6 color choices for the slash pocket trim color, and the hardware color can be nickel or matte black. I went with grizzly, green trim and nickel hardware.


The front slash pocket has a smaller pocket inside it that is lined in a soft ultrasuede material. It’s the perfect size to hold your phone and is even big enough for a Samsung Galaxy Note 2.


The other side of the Indy has a flat zippered pocket.


Unzipping it reveals WaterField’s signature orange liner which allows easier visibility of the pocket’s contents.

You’ll also notice that the adjustable shoulder strap has a removable leather shoulder pad which has a grippy rubber side that will help keep the strap in place when you’re wearing it on your shoulder.


The main compartment is secured with a locking zipper across the top. The zipper has smooth action and does not require a lot of effort to use.


Inside the main part of the bag you’ll be greeted with the orange lining. You’ll also find a spring keyclip attached to a ribbon. Does anyone use these to hold their keys? I don’t 😉

There’s a small open topped pocket on one side of the bag that can hold small items like a notebook, wallet and pen. The main compartment is roomy enough to hold an iPad Mini in a case or protective sleeve.

I have been carrying the WaterField Design Personal Muzetto bag for the last few years, but I’m finding that I like the Mini Indy bag better because I don’t have to deal with a flap. I also love the distressed leather look and the easy access to my phone in the protective ultrasuede pocket. The bag is the perfect size for shopping / walking around because it’s not bulky or heavy. The strap is comfortable even after wearing the bag for hours.

The product description on the WaterField Design site says this bag is:

Made of soft, distressed leather, it combines the well-worn, outdoorsy look with the sophistication of the man-about-town.

I don’t think the bag looks manly. I think it is gender neutral and would be great for anyone looking for a casual comfortable gear bag.

This bag is made extremely well made and with normal use, it should last for years and years. The only downside is the price. Many people can’t afford to spend over $100 for a small shoulder bag. But if you like the style and have the means to purchase it, I think you’ll be very happy with the WaterField Design Indy bag for years to come.


Product Information

Price:$169 - $179
Manufacturer:WaterField Design
  • Causal style
  • Holds iPad and more
  • Small soft pocket perfect for a phone
  • Expensive

15 thoughts on “WaterField Design Indy bag review”

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  2. “I don’t think the bag looks manly. I think it is gender neutral and would be great for anyone looking for a casual comfortable gear bag.”

    It is to make guys feel comfortable with having a purse.

  3. That looks almost like my purse, except its leather and has a more robust strap.

    If one day I can wean myself down to it, the Indy (regular) may be a good fit for airplane travel, at least on the shorter trips.

  4. I absolutely love this bag, that distressed look is gorgeous its my perfect style bag. Im not into designer bags, I love ones you just sling round the body and not worry; the edge of colour is just right.
    I definitely think this could be a guys bag too just by colour and design. Even though my other half wont even consider using a bag, its a plastic carrier or juggling with stuff lol. 😉
    Thanks for the review x.

  5. What kind of case and cover is that on the iPad mini pictured above? Been looking for a leather smart cover like that and that one looks great!

  6. @Julie:

    Sad but true. I like many of the Waterfield items, especially a small case/bag/etc for my IPad, but I can’t get myself past the “This is a purse, so I’m not getting it” road-block.

  7. I’ve been nearly ready to order the Saddleback Small Round Satchel when I saw this. This is about half the weight of an empty Round Satchel, but doesn’t seem like it would hold as much. I need something to hold my tablet, phone, 3DS, and the occasional books or folder.

    I have a Fossil Dayton Commuter that I’ve used for 2+ years, but the stitching is coming out in several places. I’d like to get something smaller, like the Mini Indy or the SBL Small Round.

    How would you compare the two? I love the quality and look of SBL, but I like the Indy’s simplicity.

    1. @Gary it’s tough to compare the Saddleback Small Round Satchel with the Waterfield Design Indy bag because they are very different in materials and price. If you want something very rugged and somewhat heavy, go for the SBL bag. If you want something much lighter but will last and look good for years and years to come, go with the Indy bag. Depending on your tablet, you’ll probably want to go with the large size Indy to hold all the items you listed above while being less bulky than the SBL bag.

  8. “It is to make guys feel comfortable with having a purse.”

    Feh. I’ve been carrying shoulder bags since 1980. Real men don’t care what others think.

  9. “It is to make guys feel comfortable with having a purse.”

    Someone is not comfortable with their masculinity, I guess.
    Great looking bag for either sex.

  10. Mine just arrived today (Indy, Brown w/ Red/Flame) and it is terrific. Looks great and is a nice size on me (tall slim build male). Mine arrived with a lot of character marks and folds in the leather – looks perfect. I carry an iPad Air and/or eBook reader, wallet and a small Waterfield CableGuy for meds, cables, etc. The brown nylon strap matches well and the leather shoulder pad is a nice touch. I might replace the strap someday with leather but I think as-is will be fine.

    Shipping to Canada was a little pricey but they did include taxes and brokerage so no surprise FedEx bill upon arrival – and it only took 2 days delivery to reach Toronto, Ontario despite a 1 day delay due to major thunderstorms. Also since this is made in USA, there are no duties – just tax.

    I considered products from Saddleback but they were a little bulky, heavy and not quite the design I was looking for.

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