Have a starry, starry night indoors with the Starry Light


These beautiful Starry Light lamps from Anagraphic look like a traditional half-sphere pendant lamp at first blush.  Closer inspection reveals tiny holes drilled in the powder-coated aluminum shade; when the LED light source is on, pinpoints of light are projected onto your walls.  (The lamp is designed so that light is directed downwards as well.)  Look at the underside of the shade, and you’ll see the holes actually form a star map, complete with thin lines to identify the constellations.  The star maps represent the Northern Hemisphere’s view at a latitude of 45°.  You can select from maps of the vernal or autumnal equinox or the summer or winter solstice, or you can specify a location and date for a customized sky map.  The standard pendants start at €777.95 (about $1015 US), and the customized pendants start at €1061.42 (about $1385).  It’s the perfect gift for an astronomer (professional or amateur) or an astrologist.

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  • Drew Baker July 11, 2013, 7:26 pm

    $1000?!?!? Whoa

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