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Starting in 2010, creativeLIVE has broadcast workshops and seminars taught by leading professionals and educators in the fields of photography, design, business, lifestyle, and video… online for FREE!  These workshops are jam packed with knowledge so if you’re streaming the class, you really need to set aside uninterrupted time to soak it all in and/or take notes.  Think summer school in college, they talk fast!  Each workshop has its own creativeLIVE chat room available for online viewers to gain direct participation through the moderators and to meet/mingle with other viewers from around the globe.  It’s interesting to watch the differing points of view and philosophies in the chat room posts as well as garner valuable tidbits from fellow participants .

Glancing over at my other computer screen as I type this, creativeLive is streaming three workshops simultaneously: a Photoshop Mastery class called “Image Ambulance”, a “Children’s Posing Guide”, and a business primer for entrepreneurs called “Escape from Cubicle Nation”.  The Photoshop Mastery class taught by Ben Wilmore, a Photoshop Hall of Famer, teaches you how to salvage an image previously thought to be visually unrecoverable or old and un-restorable.  Most of the instructors have bucket loads of experience and it shows.  These one to three day sessions include the online audience, an instructor, a couple of moderators, and a small in studio audience able to interact with or contribute to the session.

There are high-quality sponsored prize giveaways and/or contests during the show, open to all viewers and Facebook participants.

You can stream creativeLIVE courses online for free with a networked computer or purchase an “Anytime Access” version of the course that is available online or to download in .mov or .mp4 format.  If you miss the original live workshop, they are re-broadcast in “rewatch” sessions afterwards.  The feed glitches occasionally, but it’s usually sorted out quickly.  The purchased workshops often include downloadable bonus materials, such as presets or actions, templates, legal forms, or .pdf workbooks.  Be sure to click at the bottom of the calendar page to select your own time zone so you don’t miss the start of the course.  Been there done that!

As you and I both know, learning and re-learning is a lifelong process!

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