I’ll be home for Christmas with the iPad mini take 2

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The other night while watching TV, I caught a new iPad mini commercial from Apple. This one features a little girl playing a ukulele and singing a song to her grandpa. The little girl is using Facetime on her full sized iPad while her grandpa is watching at the other end with his mini. Cute right? Then this morning I get an email from someone who decided to take it to the next level and make a sequel to that commercial. You can can enjoy that video after the jump.

Not such a little girl this time and no real ukulele either. She’s using the Futulele iPad app to play the song. I’ve tried this app before and it’s actually a LOT of fun and really easy to use.

How many of you make real music with your iPhone or iPads? What apps do you recommend?

12 thoughts on “I’ll be home for Christmas with the iPad mini take 2”

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  2. You know, at first I was wondering why the little girl had a full sized iPad while grandpa had a mini. It seemed that a big one would be better for him, and that the young’en would have the newfangled mini. But look again. Because her video is playing on the full iPad, she’s broadcasting from the mini.

  3. Why wouldn’t Grandpa have a mini? What would be wrong if he had the smaller format while the granddaughter (or her family) had the larger? Perhaps Grandpa prefers the smaller size that’s easier to take along with him. I have both, and I can tell you that there is nothing that makes the bigger iPad more suitable for adults and the mini more suitable for children.

  4. Like the commercial definately caught my eye, wait for it to come on so i can watch it. Definately the girl has a future in singing, outstanding…..

  5. Most likely the best commercial of the holiday season. How can you make something so simple, with such impact. Not because it’s from Apple but,(and they can pay for the best) the whole mood made it cozy.

  6. watching the ipad commercial again, and again, i don’t think the little girl is playing the ukulele at all. seems to me, someone elses arms have been superimposed on the little girls body. check out the size of the arms and hands. definitely someone much older playing.

  7. CJ, the bigger hands are from the perspective of the camera. Closer is bigger.
    I play the Uke (a little) and while it could be recorded separately, the strum timing and chords are all spot on.

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