Give your child unlimited access to age-appropriate books, games, and videos on your Kindle Fire

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kindle-freetime-for-kidsKids I’ve seen seem to be fascinated by tablet computers, and many of them want their own.  The problem with tablets and children is there isn’t a lot you can do to restrict what they can access with the tablet, and there’s a worldwide-web of things out there that you may not want them to see.  With a Kindle Fire or Fire HD, you can use the Kindle FreeTime Unlimited app to restrict your child from the things they aren’t ready for yet while giving them access to special, Amazon-provided content – unlimited books and entertainment that’s age appropriate for kids ages 3-8.  Each child has an account that lets them read books, play games, or watch videos, and they can’t escape from that app without knowing the password.  You can tailor each account for the child’s age and set limits on the time they can spend watching videos, playing games, or reading.  There’s a monthly subscription fee for each child, but there will be no surprise charges from in-app purchases (there are none) or from watching too many videos or reading too many books.

A subscription for a single child is $4.99 a month or only $2.99 if you are a Prime member.  Up to six children, each with their own customized account, cost $9.99 a month or only $6.99 a month if you are a Prime member.  You can even try the service free for one month.

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  2. @Sandee It’s different because it doesn’t just block your kids from things. It also provides unlimited access to Amazon-provided content – games they can play, movies they can watch, and books they can read – for the monthly subscription price. I’m an Amazon Prime member, and I think $3 a month for unlimited entertainment for my daughter would have been a great deal when Rachel was in the 3-8 age range.

    I noticed that my original post was a bit vague about the special content, so I edited it to hopefully make it more obvious.

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