Magnetie – Reversible magnetic neck tie for the sharp dressed man

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I’m not a man and don’t wear neck ties, so I don’t know how much suffering has been going on out there as far as ties that flap in the wind or hang haphazardly on your chest. I’m sure it’s a tragic condition and for that fact I’m going to offer you the Magnetie solution. It looks like an ordinary traditional neck tie, not the clip-on cheater’s version. It has two features that traditional ties do not. First of all, it’s reversible. There’s a solid color on one side and a stripe or pattern on the other. That way, if you happen to drip mustard on it during lunch, you can flip it over right before your big afternoon meeting and still look professional. The Magnetie also hides magnets inside it so that the two tails (is that even what they are called? I have no idea…) that hang down from your neck will stay together instead of shifting around. No tie tacks or clips needed. Currently there are 4 striped/solid color ties available, with a price of $49.95. But the Chicago-based company is introducing their new fall collection on Indiegogo, and is seeking $6000 of funding.

10 thoughts on “Magnetie – Reversible magnetic neck tie for the sharp dressed man”

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  2. I struggle with my necktie tail all the time, I usually stick it in my shirt to hide it. I definitely have to try this.

  3. Interesting idea that causes a problem and then solves it.

    Most ties have a label on the back of the large tail that the smaller tail tucks into. This keeps the two tails aligned. But with a label, you can’t have a reversible tie.

    These folks took off the label and made a reversible tie. Without the label it’s not that hard.

    But without the label, how do you keep the tails together? Voila, the magnets are inserted.

    But the concept of a reversible tie in case you spill mustard isn’t that important. Most men I know keep a second tie in their car, briefcase, or office desk. Or here in NYC you can pop into one of the many cheap tie shops and buy a tie.

  4. I was required to wear ties for my job as a field technician from the early 80’s until the mid 90’s when I just explained to them that a piece of cloth around your neck, while working on machines, could be lethal. Haven’t worn a tie since.

  5. Mark, I guess the same argument could be made for walking by something magnetic wearing a blackberry case or a therapeutic magnetic bracelet?

    Cool product, great idea. .wish I thought of it. I’ll get one for my husband.

  6. The cynic in me smirks at the absurdity of the effort of making an unpractical piece of clothing less cumbersome.

    We as a human race should evolve beyond ties. They are uncomfortable on a hot day, don’t keep you warm on a cold day, and get in the way everyday.

  7. Umm Erwin, how does that solve the problem this does with regards to not having enough tie tail length to reach the tie loop??

  8. I like this product but personally don’t like that it only works on the tie I purchase from them. A few months ago I tried a tieloop that was very inexpensive and worked on every tie in my closet. I also gave on to my friend who is 6’5″ and it solved his problem that the tieloop is never in the right spot. For my money buying them and being able to use them on all my ties was worth the investment. If you curious….check them out…

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