CamelBak expands their glass water bottle line with the Eddy Glass bottle

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camelbak water bottlesIf you prefer using glass for your drinking water, check out the new Eddy Glass bottle (left) from CamelBak.  The Eddy Glass is BPA-free, and it has a silicone sleeve (in purple, charcoal, aqua, or lime) for improved grip and to protect against breakage.  You don’t have to tip up this bottle to drink; it has a built-in straw system so you can just sip from it.  The Eddy Glass holds 0.75L and costs $25.00.

If you are traveling or hiking and can’t completely trust your water source, you may prefer the All Clear Microbiological Water Purifier bottle (right).  It uses UV-technology to purify water from streams or spigots in 60 seconds; you just fill the bottle, turn on the UV purifier, and agitate the water for 60 seconds.  The UV module is USB-chargeable, and you can treat 80 cycles (about 16 gallons) between charges.  The All Clear bottle is available only in the US, and it costs $99.00.

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