DirecTV’s new Genie DVR will keep potatoes glued to their couch

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I’ve been a DirecTV customer for well over 15 years or longer. I can’t remember not having a satellite dish, so it’s been a long time. My 2yr old DVR allows for 2 shows to be recorded while playing back a previously recorded show.  With all the new Fall TV shows, I sometimes have conflicts and can’t record everything I’d like to. DirecTV has just upped the ante with their new Genie DVR which allows 5 HD programs to be recorded at one time. This DVR features a 1TB drive that can store 200 hours of HD programming or 800 hours of SD programs. That is a LOT of episodes of Big Bang Theory! The Genie serves your entire home, so you can enjoy DVR service on every TV, except without needing a separate DVR connected to each TV. Pricing isn’t mentioned except that the Genie will only be available to new subscribers. That’s disappointing as I want one. Now. Read more about the Genie DVR at DirecTV.

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  2. If you want this new DVR like I do, it’s easy. Call them up and tell them you want to cancel service. When they ask you why, explain that you have a two year old DVR and you want the latest technology and if you can’t get it from DirecTV you will get it elsewhere. They will oblige you with a new DVR.

  3. You don’t even have to threaten to quit if you are a current subscriber. I called them and simply asked if I qualified. I have 2 TV’s, so I need the Genie and a Genie mini. They quoted a cost of $447 for the 2 units, with a $250 credit, so it would cost me about $200 to get the Genie set-up for 2 TV’s. I already have 2 HD-DVR’s with the Whole Home set-up, so the way I see it, the only thing I would be gaining is the ability to set up recordings on either TV.

  4. You could just call up DISH and get the Hopper for free! I got one set up a few weeks ago, and this thing is freaking amazing. I used to have DTV, and would have gotten the Genie, but when a DISH coworker told me about Hopper I was having a hard time believing anything from any other provider would top it. Genie looks cool, but if you like recording, the Hopper has twice the recording space of Genie (2,000 hours). It also has PrimeTime Anytime, so if your favorite shows are on ABC, CBS, NBC or FOX, it will automatically record every prime time show on all four! I can record up to 6 live HD programs at once, and nothing beats being able to skip commercials. It’s free for you, and gives you a lot more functionality.

  5. Lol…..VERY Well done….if you look to lines 3 and 4 of my post, you will see I referred to my DISH “COWORKER”. Nice. My apologies though, I read your post and you didn’t exactly SOUND perfectly happy….lol…my mistake.

  6. @javi…it’s a shame that you and your co-workers weren’t this helpful 2 weeks ago…I ended up canceling and switching to DirecTV…because Dish shows no love for current subscribers…

  7. I have two DirecTV Tivos, and I am sending them back because they stink. DirecTV is giving me the Genie for free if i sign for two more years even though I still have a year on my current contract. My old Philips DirecTV Tivo that I had years ago was awesome, but the new one is just DirecTV’s standard box with Tivo software which is not a winning combination.

  8. I signed up for hd from directv and they are installing the Genie
    tomorrow morning for a total of 26 bucks. Yes, I signed a two year contract. A no brainer!

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