GALAXY Note 10.1 Art and design with Tristan Eaton (Sponsored Video)

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Here’s another video showcasing some of the cool stuff you can do with a Samsung GALAXY Note 10.1 tablet. This time artist and toy designer Tristan Eaton shows off his mad skills by painting and tableting (is that a word) with the GALAXY Note 10.1. Find out more about this Android Tablet here. What is the most unique thing you’ve used your tablet to do?

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6 thoughts on “GALAXY Note 10.1 Art and design with Tristan Eaton (Sponsored Video)”

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  2. hey julie can you please do a comparison

    Galaxy tab vs Thinkpad

    I am just looking for the very best in precision and applications


  3. @Tony – Not sure how much help this will be but I’ve had the Thinkpad Tablet for about a year now and still love it. I’ve played with the Galaxy Note 10.1 for about 5 minutes 🙂

    As a quick comparison, the Galaxy is much sleeker and lighter but you lose a couple of the features I like about the Thinkpad being the full size USB and SD card slot. Much better speakers than the single, crappy mono one on the Thinkpad. The stylus is nice, while the Thinkpad has a hard tip which makes a clickety clickety noise when you’re using it, the Galaxy has a soft rubbery tip. Seemed to drag a bit on the screen.

    Any Play Store apps, should run on either unit, some of my favourites still remain Quill for note taking and Sketchbook Pro for drawing and Myscript Stylus for hand writing recognition.

    After the ICS upgrade and OTA 3.5 (pen related), the Thinkpad is much better than it was when I first bought it a year ago. I can’t really give you any feedback on the precision.

    Of interest is that Samsung went with a Wacom digitiser while the Thinkpad uses an N-Trig. Whether that means anything or not, your guess is as good as mine 🙂

    The big kicker might be that the Thinkpad is now end of life, so not sure what support there’ll be on it going forward while the Galaxy is new. That being said, there appear to be some good sell-out bargains on the Thinkpad at the moment.

    As I say, not sure if that helps, but my very quick feedback 🙂

    @ Julie – I’ll keep an eye on the mail 🙂

  4. sweet thank you Ian!

    That actually says a lot, I still work on my wacom tablet and it is as accurate as ever with pressure sensitivity. I feel so old now that touch screens are out, I guess I am just looking to upgrade from this old wacom and get away from guessing where my pen cursor is.

    IMO besides the precision, a tablet should also have compatability, with my external items i.e. hdds & flashdrives. Im tired of all this ‘cloud’ stuff, makes me feel as if everyone can just have my stuff.

    Wacom has been in the stylus game for a long time, and im pretty sure they got the pen & touch both down, but the rubber nib is the downfall of a true pen feel as well as trying to gauge pressure.

    plus – OS matters.
    a tablet closest to a full fledged system OS is much more usable down the line.

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