Sweteez Antimicrobial Workout Towel

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sweteez anti microbial towelThe Sweteez antimicrobial workout towel starts with a thick, plush toweling material with 100% premium ring spun cotton loops for absorbancy.  They then add a non-toxic AM 500 anti-microbial finish to protect you from germs and bacteria like staph and MRSA; this treatment will last through up to 100 washings.  Finally they add a 12″ zippered pocket with separate compartments for your cell phone, iPod, keys and money.  This all combines into a 16″ X 30″ towel that protects you from germs and your valuables from loss or theft during your workouts.  The Sweteez towels are available with a white, pink, or asphalt zipper.  Each are $29.95.

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  2. Antimicrobial products should be forbidden. We need to be in contact with germs to raise our resistances. Antimicrobial products are reducing our resistances vs aggressive germs thus are causing more harm than good. It is proven that people who grew up in overly tidy households are having more health issues because of lack of resistance.

    Even more funny is that many people are still believing that using antimicrobial sprays and equal products are protecting them from getting viral infections…

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