Phosphor Touch Time is a Smartwatch You Don’t Need to Charge or Pair With Your Smartphone

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If Kickstarter projects like the Martian, Pebble, cookoo,  SYRE and Strata are any indication, chunky Dick Tracy style watches are making a come back. At least with geeks like us. The latest Kickstarter smartwatch project is the Phosphor Touch Time. If the name Phosphor sounds familiar to you, that’s because we’ve reviewed several of their watches (see related links below) over the years. The Touch Time is different from the other watches I linked to in the first sentence of this post. It is a smartwatch that doesn’t require pairing to a smartphone and also does not require you to charge the battery or sync it with a computer. It is an always on touch screen watch that allows you to choose from 14 different time faces and also features built in apps for reminders, alarm, stopwatch calendar, calculator and world time. A pledge of $99 will get you stainless steel Touch Time with a Black silicone strap. Higher pledges will get you other styles of case and straps.

12 thoughts on “Phosphor Touch Time is a Smartwatch You Don’t Need to Charge or Pair With Your Smartphone”

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  2. Interesting, but “you don’t have to sync your watch” is a very slick way of saying “it doesn’t sync with anything”. One of the attraction of the Pebble, for me, was getting data on my wrist.

    It does look really cool though (not being sarcastic) and if you don’t want/need that functionality is a good option.

  3. welp, as Bryan put it, for $39.99 at the mart in the wall, you get all this functions in a sleek Casio calculator watch. it doesn’t sync, you don’t have to charge the battery (it dies and gets replaced) and still has all the functions.
    can’t really say why would I get one of these… unless it comes with a v-neck, a scarf, skinny jeans, a Lomo / Diana camera and a fake vintage messenger bag. (and a certificate of “acquisition before it was cool” 🙂 )

    1. @andix I found it odd that Phosphor, an established watch company, is using Kickstarter in the first place. Maybe they aren’t sure themselves if this watch will be well received and are using Kickstarter to feel the waters… The Strata is the one that looks pretty cool to me. I’d almost considering wearing a watch again with that one.

  4. @Julie
    IMO i don’t find it fair for established companies like Phosphor and MetaWatch STRATA to be grabbing funds from the Kickstarter community.
    STRATA has been developing bluetooth watches and the palmOS watches (remember those!) for FOSSIL for years and has loads of expertise. And their current project for kickstarter is already designed so the $100,000 they are asking is pretty much just a cash-grab. (vs. Pebble who are asking the same amount need to build a watch from the ground up with the same budget)
    Hopefully kickstarter moderates future projects to help boost more privateers…

  5. I’m surprised that the Alpha kickstarter project wasn’t mentioned. That’ll be the first watch I’ll have worn in a decade. Although it’s more a heart rate monitor than a watch.

  6. @bryan, @andix Didn’t realized what you guys said until I read your posts. I can get a Casio if I want THAT functionality. It does really look cool, though.

  7. While I LOVE my Phosphor watch now, I kind of agree that a big company shouldn’t be using Kickstarter as their platform for new product releases. It just seems to undermine the whole idea of Kickstarter in the first place.

    I’m waiting on my Pebble too – they aren’t committing to ANY time frame for delivery except to say that it will not be in September as they originally planned. I’m not surprised, since their funding and number of production units increased exponentially from a couple thousand to over 67 thousand units. Big difference in the lead times there, for sure. But, they could have done a better job communicating that, IMHO.

    But, a smart watch for me would have to sync up with my phone or there’s no point. Just a big watch, no problem, I love big watches, but this one doesn’t jump out at me as being one I couldn’t live without.

  8. Definitely an interesting idea, can’t believe the battery actually lasts that like (though it sort of sucks that you can’t sync the thing). However- and I can see I’m not the only one that thinks this- it sort of bums me out that such a huge company is still using kickstarter to fund their projects. If I’m going to shell out on a “crowdfunded” watch I’d probably get the 1:Face, which is just as sleek and benefits a bunch of different charities. If you guys haven’t heard about it yet, definitely check it out.

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