You’ll Be Able to Make Full-Color Holograms with the New Kit from Litiholo

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Last year, we told you about a DIY hologram kit that came with everything you needed to make your own hologram.  That kit came with a hologram-quality laser diode, Litiholo RRT20 holographic film that requires no chemicals and no development process, laser-cut laser mount, and laser plate mount, but you could only make red holograms with it.  Now, Litiholo has turned to Kickstarter to fund a new version of this kit that allows you to make full-color holograms.  The DIY Full-Color Hologram Kit from Litiholo will add green and blue lasers, and will contain enough film to make 20 holograms.  A minimum early-bird pledge of $185 is required to earn one of these new kits; after those are gone, a pledge of $235 is required for the new kit.  There are still 27 days in the funding period, so you have time to act if you’d like to make holograms in your own home or classroom.

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