Supersize Your Smartphone’s Screen with ClamBook

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clambook laptop dock for smartphonesWe’ve seen ClamCases that convert your iPad into a small laptop, but now ClamCase is introducing the ClamBook that converts your smartphone into “the ultimate connected device.”  The ClamBook won’t be released until late this year, and specifications aren’t finalized yet, but it supposedly will connect to iOS and Android smartphones and add a widescreen display, full-sized keyboard, and a multi-touch trackpad.  The ClamBook basically mirrors your smartphone’s screen, and it will connect with the phone with an MHL cable to deliver power to the phone and data to the ClamBook’s widescreen 16:9 LED display and sound to the 3D Cinema Sound system.  Although they promise iOS support, the info page only mentions interactions with Android phones, with support for Ice Cream Sandwich and Android-specific special function keys.  The ClamBook has an aluminum body design that’s smaller than a MacBook Air.  “Motorola’s Webtop™ application provides a mobile desktop experience. The Firefox web browser, complete file manager and web app access gives you a true laptop feel. Combine this with phone dialing integration and you have all you need for a workstation on the go. ”  Sign up on the ClamBook page to be kept up-to-date on features, pricing, and availability.

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  2. I’ve not seen many of these that weren’t phone specific. It makes sense to look at one that works with a wide variety of devices so that it can be used after the current phone is gone.

  3. Sounds like the Folio redux. Wasn’t a market then and (based on the Motorala Altrix), not one now.

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