Memento Makes Pocket Watches Fashionable Again

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I love pocket watches. I used to carry one back before cellphones were a common pocket item. Although I havenโ€™t carried a pocket watch or worn a wrist watch in years, I still like to look at them. The Memento Pocket Watch caught my eye because the case is made of wood. You can choose from sandal wood or maple. Each shell will be different due to the unique grain in the wood. These watches are made in Hong Kong and can be ordered for $125 each.

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9 thoughts on “Memento Makes Pocket Watches Fashionable Again”

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  2. Pocket watches are COOL. Just something about that tick tick tick they make when you hold one up to your ear.
    When I was a child, I use to stare at one in the window of the local jewelry store. On my 40th birthday, my parents got the same watch at the estate sale when the elderly owner, who had closed years ago, but for whatever reason, kept a lot of the inventory, passed away. The watch is around 50 years old, looks brand new and runs like a champ. Now I’m just too afraid to scratch it up carrying it LOL.

  3. It’s so awesome that they don’t tell you the movement that’s inside it. There’s an Orient pocket watch out there that’s pretty cool. It’s a new movement that’s handwind, but hacking, and it has a power reserve meter, sapphire front and back.

    Then there’s the Seiko quartz, that although it’s a quartz, it’s the official Japanese railroad watch…

    And RLT in the UK has some new old stock Smiths mechanicals. Those were a bit of the dollar watches of their day, but they come with updated servicing, and a cool mechanical factor.

    Any of these would be a better buy than the memento.

  4. Julie, like you I hadn’t worn a watch for ages. Used my PDA or mobile for the time. In the last couple of years though I’ve “re-discovered” the wrist watch and now feel naked without one on. There’s something special about a self winder, mechanical watch in this digital age. Watches based on something like the Seiko 5 movement are cheap and reliable and have that “old fashioned” tick-tock ๐Ÿ™‚ Of course if you know what you’re looking for there’s also lots of older “vintage” ones available too. If I did buy a fob it’d have to be an older mechanical one

  5. I have used a Rapport pocket watch for sometime now it keeps perfect time, I keep a picture of my NZ girlfriend on the inside ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. My spouse works in a lab and can’t have a watch on his wrist. I think I may buy him this as an anniversary gift.

  7. Looks nice, but put a mechanical movement in it and I’ll buy one. I’m just not a fan of electric watches.

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