Bheestie Bags Promise to Save Your Wet Electronics

Bheestie Bags are another of those bags filled with a desiccant to help you dry out electronics that have been exposed to moisture.  The bags are 6″ X 9″, so they’re big enough for phones and MP3 player but not bigger tablets.  You can keep a Bheestie Bag, unopened, in reserve about a year.  It can be used more than once to dry out electronics, but that usage will shorten the “shelf life” of the bag.  There are blue indicator beads inside that will turn gray to let you know when you need to replace the bag.  An item exposed to a little water will reportedly be ready after being in the bag overnight; an item that got a good dunking could need up to 72 hours.  Each bag is $20 from Bheestie.  They can also be purchased at retailers like REI, Amazon, Restoration Hardware, and Nextascent.

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  • Craig October 18, 2011, 9:08 am

    Still way, way more expensive than a Ziploc baggie and a cup or two of Minute Rice.

  • RainyDayInterns October 18, 2011, 10:34 am

    Or put it in the dryer that has a shelf for drying sweaters and other such items…

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