Automatic Wine Preserver from Thumbs Up

What do you do if you’ve opened a bottle of wine but didn’t finish it?  Thumbs Up, a UK-based company, has the answer to that question with their Automatic Wine Preserver.  This battery-operated device fits over the bottle opening; press a button, and the Wine Preserver automatically pumps out up to 75% of the air  in the headroom, preventing oxidation that ruins the flavor.  The preserver also has a display that shows the bottle’s temperature in degrees Fahrenheit or Celsius.  The information says this will work with wine or champagne, but I personally wonder how removing air from the bottle will keep the fizz in the champagne…  The Automatic Wine Preserver will be available this month for £24.99 (about $34).  It’s available now for pre-order from in the UK.  Play will deliver worldwide.

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