Convert your ACME Pen into a Capacitive Stylus

ACME Studios, known for their pens that have been designed by well known architects, designers and artists, have just created an accessory that will convert their any of their standard pens into a stylus. Just unscrew the front section of the pen and replace it with this new front section with a capacitive stylus tip that is safe for smartphones, iPads and other tablets. This new tip is available now for $16 from Design Mafia and other retailers that sell ACME products.

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2 thoughts on “Convert your ACME Pen into a Capacitive Stylus”

  1. Julie,
    I like this pen/stylus except your readers should know, as I didn’t,
    that you can’t use both (one end as a pen and one end as a stylus) at the same time. It’s either one or the other! Other than that, It’s just dandy!

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